February 9 tarot card

February 9 Zodiac

His robe features grapes on the vine aligning with the Gods Dionysus and Bacchus. His armored-covered feet are visible. A golden crown rests on his head. In his one hand is a scepter, in the other, a single coin Pentacle. February is full of love and bliss, Leo. The world is your oyster and is just waiting for you to embrace what is yours. If your single, self-love allows you to walk through the world with head held high.

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Decisions you make end up rewarding you more than you thought when results pan out in your favor unexpectedly. Want to know more about the suit of Pentacles? The Three of Coins depicts a Mason working on a building as two others look on and examine his work. The two onlookers are holding a document, perhaps a blueprint or a contract for work.

The Mason stands on a bench to elevate himself. He wears a dark grey tunic, yellow apron, and blue pants. The Three of Coins promises upcoming changes for February.

In relationships, the theme of foundations remains the focus. If looking to start a new relationship, you and your new partner will discuss expectations. You may question your ability to support a lasting relationship and what resources you bring to the table. The Knight of Wands rides a horse that rears back as if in fear or as if it is preparing to leap a hurdle.

He holds a large wand in his hand reminiscent of the Ace of Wands as he looks off into the distance in front of him. Salamanders cover his yellow clothing. Feathers, which look like flames, are on his helmet. Three pyramids, a desert, and blue skies are the backdrop. You may see obstacles before you, Libra, but that will not stop you from forging forward. Your mind blazes with inspiration. Click to learn all about The Knight of Wands Card!

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When upright, the Six of Wands depicts a man riding into town on a white horse. He carries a staff with a wreath of victory hanging from him. The horse prances as a crowd cheers the victor. He is in a position of honor. But, the card comes up in reverse for February. At work, consider the power of your words before speaking.

The Horoscope for the 9th of February for all Zodiac Signs on Tarot Cards: Who is Lucky?

In love relationships, you find yourself in situations where the conversation lags or runs dry. You need to learn how to be as comfortable with silence as you are when talking to one another. In your career, you feel your achievements go unrecognized. You might make the mistake of severing ties with someone when a simple conversation can remedy the situation.

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It is difficult for you to let go and move on. This tendency towards the excess may often get you in trouble. Events are social. View more stories. Without the depth of water, the sun can create a dessert. Perhaps the most family-centered of the zodiac, you are fiercely protective of your loved ones and the nourishers and carers at heart. The horoscope of February 9, predicts with Tarot cards a bright and difficult day at the same time to most zodiac signs.

The Three of Cups features three women the Fates or Graces dancing around in a circle circumambulating. The circular movement symbolizes the natural order, mimics the motion of the Sun, and establishes sacred space. Each holds a chalice high in the air as if toasting. Fruits of the harvest are at their feet, suggesting one reaps what they sow.

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Their robes are colorful in hues of white, red, and yellow. A red robe signifies will, the yellow corresponds with intellect, and the white robe means purity; the symbols suggest a time for purity of thoughts and intent. But the card comes up as a reversal. All that hard work means hard play too. You find peace of mind in isolation. The Judgement card depicts an angel in the sky blowing a horn.

From the horn waves a flag with an equal-armed red cross. The scene below the angel shows people rising from the dead as they reach up to the sky from their graves. The celestial influences this month will have you dealing with old wounds.

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The problems you face might prove surprising; denial and avoidance may lead you to believe you were over an issue, but this month it rears its ugly head causing you to question everything. It triggers a period of intense reflection and self-exploration. If the problems occur within the family, old sibling rivalries may come back for another go around. Difficulties in romance stem from long-term rocky conditions. You remain in a relationship that no longer serves you.

Now, the Universe challenges you to inspect why you refuse to break from your psychological chains. Click to learn all about The Judgement Card! The Nine of Swords depicts an androgynous figure sitting up in bed in what seems like the darkest hours of the night. The card signifies stress, anxiety, and the dark night of the soul experience.

Seven of Swords

It can also mean mourning, grief, and enduring unresolvable or impossible conditions. With this meaning in mind, it may seem as if the February forecast for the Aquarian born is grim and dismal.

Daily Tarot Reading for 9 February 2016 - Gregory Scott Tarot

February will bring emotional challenges, but you have the strength to endure. Love relationships may feel as if they are being tested and stretched to well beyond their limits. Work conditions may seem bleak, stagnate, stale, and unchangeable. The card suggests difficulties with all relationships, including friends and family. The Nine of Swords is a card associated with karmic repercussions, regret, and remorse.

A willingness to change is a crucial attitude to make it through existing conditions. When Justice is upright, it depicts an androgynous-looking figure female sitting on a throne between two concrete pillars.

The figure takes on the role of observer and judge, for unlike most images representing Justice, the character has no blindfold. In one hand, she holds up the sword of truth, and in the other the scales standing for balance.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

The pillars represent rulership over the physical realm. The card signifies a time of fair judgment and strength. When considering the antithesis of Justice, we get injustice, but this oversimplifies the forecast for the future. To better understand upcoming conditions, you must prepare yourself for digging in a situation or relationship to figure out from where the injustice stems. Self-analysis is vital to get to the root of conditions.