Capricorn earth snake horoscope

Characteristics of the Earth Snake

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Snakes sense things, sniff out solutions and spend a large portion of their lives slinking in and out of crises on the way to the bank, the jeweler's, the airport, their lawyer's office or jail. Snakes often have more flair than brains. But with Capricorn as a mate, who needs brains? What you notice first about this fascinating character is their presence. These are BIG people. Even if they are physically tiny, their bearing and demeanor are not.

He also has high ideals and is willing to help anyone he deems worthy to get where they need to go in life. Oh yes. Do not think for one moment that this cold-blooded, self-assured person is not HOT. They are loaded with sex appeal and they know how to use it. Sex with this irresistible person has an surprisingly tender, romantic side which when Get your own personal chapter from Suzanne White's page New Astrology book. Find out who you are in love, sex, family and career. Note: Your most compatible New Astrology sign's chapter is available too!

The Chinese have divided time differently from us. We have year centuries, the Chinese have periods of sixty years.

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We divide our centuries into ten decades. At the end of each twelve-year period the Chinese cycle begins anew. In both cases the astrological sign name refers to the character of people born under its influence. Single female Snakes will be able to marry easily, while married female Snakes should try to prevent their lovers cheating on them.

Male Snakes, however, will have bad luck in love.

Snakes will need to do more physical exercise to avoid respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. In Chinese astrology the traditional Chinese solar calendar is often used to determine zodiac months.

Daily Planetary Overview

The first month would normally begin within 2 days of February 5, and so on. Below we have used the Chinese lunar calendar for , however, as it is more commonly used in "popular astrology".

Capricorn Snake Traits

The more you exercise, the better that relaxing will feel later. Therefore, it's easy to figure out your element. Social Circle: Pig won't bring you good social relationships. Never mind. It's also good place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship.

For more on the different date systems in China, see The Chinese Calendar. In month 1, Snakes will be lucky in their careers, with the help of benefactors.

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They should, however, avoid alcohol. In month 2, Snakes are forecast to have a downturn in luck. Things will not go on smoothly in their careers. Besides, they may lose some money.

Snakes should pay attention to their relationships because they will suffer many setbacks on the relationship front. Snakes will have bad luck in month 4. Everything will be hard for them to accomplish and all their efforts will seem in vain. They will not need to worry about their health, however, though they should be careful during outdoor activities. They may be able to gain a little from investments.

Their luck will be good in both health and relationships. Although Snakes will not enjoy good luck financially, they are forecast an upturn in career fortunes in month 6. They should grasp this opportunity.