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Life Struggles - Will You Be Rewarded?

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Role of 10th house of horoscope in career

Which yogas (planetary combinations) in a horoscope cause a person to live a long life? What kind of birth chart / planetary combination gives massive fame? What are some astrological combinations or placements in a birth chart which cause the native to struggle but receive success. Learn about the reasons for your struggles, how to see if you are one of those that All of the above signs show a lot of struggles in life and these struggles can . Move From Astrology to Spirituality by Astro Vani on June

To verify, just follow the link in the message. More From TOI Beard Trimmers for the well-kept man Get ready for Karwa Chauth with these red sarees 10 foods you should never eat at night if you want to lose weight Are carrots good for eyesight? Fact or Fiction? His courage in diving headlong into adventure makes him a fascinating character—one who has much to teach and share later in life, in spite of frequent blunders.

He is ready to bound forward into his next avenue of thought and adventure, never looking back. Capricorn: Capricorn can become so fixed on a goal that she loses sight of the bigger picture.

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Her natural leadership could become overly controlling and domineering, and her emphasis on society could morph into an unhealthy preoccupation with image and material pursuits. As she obsesses over wealth and her public persona, she could end up repressing her emotions and the messier aspects of her being.

The key for Capricorn is to make sure that the sturdy foundations she builds align with her highest ideals. She constructs everything with incredible tenacity and attention to detail, so she must be sure to start with proper intention—considering if what she is working on will contribute positively to society. This gives Capricorn time to reflect so she will make decisions from a more genuine place.

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The inner life is very important for Capricorn, who must be certain that her outer life and well—crafted endeavors begin from a tender place. Otherwise success could feel hollow—existing merely as a badge of power, fame, and social prestige. Workaholism and loneliness are potential pitfalls for Capricorns.

They must learn to balance home life with social life, allowing their fluidity and emotional expression to come forth, while upholding their commitment to decorum and social graces. The antidote for Capricornian neuroses is learning to relax, conveying their true selves in their public personas, and aligning their vocation with their most heartfelt desires. Aquarius: When out of balance, the Aquarians lighting bolts could morph from enlightened activity and changing humanity for the better, to straight up destruction with no purpose.

When their hearts close, their healthy rebellion can become contentious as they act out against any energies they find oppressive. Frequently, Aquarians trigger people as they test waters and push envelopes, saying outrageous things. While this type of behavior can be helpful, pushing limits of our comfort zones and egos, Aquarians can easily go too far, making enemies and hurting people unnecessarily.

They can become aloof and cold, finding it challenging to stay committed to the confines of their human bodies.

The freedom to travel into conceptual and spiritual realms feels far more exciting, rewarding, and limitless. The key for Aquarians Is to find a way to love every human being the way he loves humanity, to remember that he is passionate about applying his insight and brilliance to the progression of humankind because each of us is a precious being. We are in this together as a group of individuals, reflecting love collectively and on our own.

The enlightened Aquarian dives into intimacy, which helps to ground him. After all, we are human beings, and our true spiritual path begins with embracing this fully. Because she is empathetic and forgiving, she is more apt than other signs to attract abusive partners, less able to walk away from toxicity than more courageous, logical, or earthier signs. One of the keys to creating more harmony in a Piscean soul is to develop a strong sense of worthiness—the understanding that she is okay exactly the way that she is, regardless of external validation.

If Pisces can realize that she has dominion over herself and her circumstances, if she can trust herself to set boundaries when other people mistreat her, she can let go of her tendency toward martyrdom. She can grow into the understanding that by allowing bad behavior, she ultimately betrays herself. This means she has more power than she sometimes likes to admit, but by owning power, she becomes more of who she is—embodied and expansive at the same time, as she joins heaven and earth.

The other Piscean trap is escapism through various means addiction, spaciness, avoidance, or delusion, for example. Her trouble committing to being human can lead her to the clouds, while she has trouble connecting with pragmatism, punctuality, self-care, and directness. A Modern Guide To Astrology.

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By Juliana McCarthy. A Cancer Moon will try to bravely face their emotions head on, letting their strong emotions influence many of their actions and words.

Saturn’s causes delay and hurdles but not the denial

A Scorpio Moon will try to investigate their emotions and figure out the world, letting their intense emotions take over them. A Pisces Moon will try to search for things not found in this world through their emotions, for they are willing to get lost in their feelings. A water moon is very emotionally intelligent. Out of all the four elements, they acknowledge, take, and accept emotions as it is. Their emotions are truly authentic and raw, but despite all of this, their emotions storm and swirl under a still, tranquil demeanor.

Virgo is so, so important. I think Virgo is interesting in the sense that while it is a sign that is commonly seen in the shadows rather than the spotlight, it still stands out without trying.

Importance of Saturn in Astrology

Virgo is the sign after Leo. Leo is known for its leadership qualities, constantly under the spotlight.

Leo represents the king while Virgo represents the servant. For example, Aries and Taurus are both stubborn. I think the common trait that Leo and Virgo share is their importance in their roles, even though they are different. In society, you will always have a leader, and with a leader, there will always be people under him.

A servant needs a king to serve, and a king needs people to rule over. I also think both the archetypes of the virgin and servant work really well for Virgo, when it comes to their detailed, analytical nature. For a servant, it would make sense. The servant has to have a sharp eye to effectively do their duties.

Chakrapani Vedic Astrology Magnificent Saturn

I think this is why Virgos are so attentive to details. Every experience is new to them, no matter how hard they try to create a routine. Maybe Virgos create routines in the first place so that they can handle their situations effectively. Perhaps without a routine, maybe every experience can feel like a first for a Virgo, and to them as an Earth sign, it can feel overwhelming.

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Astrology tip: If you want a quick way of finding interceptions in the chart, look at which signs are ruling the first 6 houses. If you find yourself skipping a sign, then you have an interception. Hi my love. I know the basics but reading charts is still so difficult. Any tips? I asked someone else and they couldn't help, so I am asking you. I hope this is okay, and different than just copy and pasting. This is ultimately what an astrologer has to do.