Today 25 february birthday horoscope aries

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When something becomes trendy, they're likely to get involved, notably with newly chic forms of exercise and diet.

People born on this date have an instinct for understanding and empathizing with the problems of others. Their sensitivity makes them ideal counselors and therapists. They aren't motivated to make a lot of money, though they often fret about financial security. February 25 people look for ways to reconcile their psychic sensitivity with common-sense goals.

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They are ruled by instinct and intuition yet appreciate an intellectual viewpoint. When they balance these, they find what they want. Because their goals often change with their moods, they search for new challenges and horizons.

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February 16 Birthday Astrology. Friends and Lovers February 25 people favor a small group of close friends.


Fitness classes alone may not be of much use, keep your diet also under control. Financial negotiations may get stranded over some issue. Although you are not satisfied with your present job, there are opportunities galore for you to explore.

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The main task in lives of those born on the 25th of February isn't to find their religion, but to find their sense of faith and trust. Mishandling of people on the professional front can sour relations, so be careful. Your Daily Horoscope. It seems you so desperately want to be a winner that you will do almost anything to be the first one to get over the finishing line. Around these dates can bring two separate new starts into life. There is a high chance of failure if you execute new projects on these unlucky days. Anyway, things should be interesting, albeit a little dangerous, for those who get in your way.

You may have to be a bit firm to ensure peace and quiet on the domestic front to let your hair down and relax. You can get in two minds regarding purchase of a property.

February 25 Zodiac

An assignment given to you on the academic front will be completed most satisfactorily. Those recovering from an ailment can expect to be up and about soon. Financial security is assured as you earn well.

A piece of good news awaits you on the professional front. There is no point washing dirty linen in public, so resolve issues in-house only. There is nothing that can go wrong today, except things involving property. Your head for figures and analytical mind is likely to be of much use today on the academic front. You manage to keep good health by remaining regular in walks. Keep expenditure on a tight leash, if you want financial stability. Those apprehensive of their continuity in a particular field can rest easy, as they now have nothing to fear about.

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Additional chores on the domestic front may impinge upon your personal time. Tight schedule on the academic front may make it difficult for those studying to spare time for leisure. Diet and exercise are good for health, but maintaining it may pose problems for some. Money from an unexpected source can be expected and promises to fill your coffers substantially.

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Not much headway is likely to be made at work for those involved in a time consuming project. Family life proves immensely fulfilling. A brief journey with family is foreseen. Acquiring property through loan may not be as easy at it seems. You can go ahead with a project on the academic front that requires extra efforts. Someone will be most supportive of your efforts on the health front. Additional chores on the domestic front are foreseen and need to be tackled urgently. On the work front, a task entrusted to you will be completed to the satisfaction of all. Good news awaits some on the property front.

Your initiative and go may not be enough on the academic front, so put greater efforts. Health-wise you remain on the top of the world. Spouse or a family member is likely to take the load of you for things that you find difficult to do on your own.

Aries Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, 12222

Check the full astrology profile of someone born under February 25 zodiac, on sq degrees between Aquarius to the West and Aries to the East. Ruled by Jupiter this day symbolizes maturity and shelter and seems to. If Today is Your Birthday forecast for February 25th: Predictions for the year ahead of love, relationships, career, money, and outlook.

Your attempts to boost your finances may fail. Your mind may be working overtime for doing something new on the professional front. Love Focus: Romantic front may turn into a mutual appreciation club between lover and you! Some of you are likely to ace a competition or exam on the academic front. Weight watchers will derive full benefits by regulating their diet and continuing their exercise regime.

Financial stability can be expected, as no major expenses are foreseen in the near future. A family elder may feel neglected and may make an issue of it. Be clear about directions for finding your way to a new location, as chances of getting lost appear real. At work, you may not be in the right frame of mind to take up anything new or challenging. Love Focus: Spending time in seclusion and murmuring sweet nothings is likely to be the highlight on the romantic front. An opportunity to study abroad can be missed by some, if not seized in time.

Bad health may compel you for a change of scene to get a breath of fresh air.